According to a study conducted by the Cloud Security Alliance, 33% of organizations have a “full steam ahead” attitude toward cloud services, while 86% of companies spend at least part of their IT budget on cloud services. Cloud computing comes in several deployment scenarios (private, public, and hybrid) and across many different applications.

While providing tremendous benefits, such as cost reduction, increased efficiency, and productivity, the decision process in deploying cloud solutions can be daunting for an organization of any size.

That’s Where CCSI Comes In

CCSI is at the forefront of deploying cloud technology. We understand how to guide you and your company into the optimal deployment scenario.

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Our Solutions

CCSI offers your organization an abundance of cloud-related skills and insights, covering all aspects of the transition to an environment in which legacy systems and cloud services coexist. We have over 43 years of experience with technology consulting and operations with thousands of satisfied customers.

Business Continuity (DRaaS & BaaS)

CCSI’s Disaster Recovery Cloud Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS) ensures fast recovery of your business-critical applications, and minimal data loss, in the event of failure.

Cloud Migration

There are significant benefits to migrating to the cloud like speed, cost, and agility, but there are also considerable associated challenges that should not be underestimated. This is where CCSI can help.

Cloud Security Assessment

Security challenges in the Cloud are different than those that exist on prem, but the overall processes for a secure environment are the same. Ensuring cloud security must begin with an assessment.

Governance and Cost Containment

Companies who start with a focus on managing their cloud cost will benefit from having a great baseline to define their own unique road map and playbook for implementing cloud governance policies.

Observability – Visibility as a Service (VaaS)

Moving to a cloud environment forces many companies to rethink host-centric monitoring, because instances come and go. CCSI’s Observability Services are designed from the ground up for the unique demands of cloud-based workloads.

Microservices for
Kubernetes and Docker

Moving mission-critical legacy applications to a cloud native environment can be difficult. Application developers need solutions to rapidly create and build new applications with the least amount of friction. Utilizing CCSI’s Microservices turns teams into agile high velocity teams.

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