CCSI understands Healthcare. Our experience in healthcare will give you guidance and help deliver a solution that is both cost-effective and outcome-driven.

For many years, healthcare operated under a volume-based business model. More patients, more tests, and more procedures led to more revenue. Under this model, organizations routinely made software and hardware decisions at the department level, which led to data isolation across the enterprise.

Today, Healthcare is all about data.

Healthcare payers and employers are pushing for a more integrated healthcare delivery model where hospitals and physicians are held accountable for the overall cost and quality of care.

CCSI is the trusted advisor at many hospitals and healthcare organizations. We take the time necessary to completely understand your environment, requirements, and constraints. We can be engaged for the entire project from analysis and design to deployment, documentation, support, and beyond.

Inclusive Sports Fitness Case Study

Inclusive Sports and Fitness (ISF) provides physical fitness and sports performance training to children on the autism spectrum or living with other developmental challenges. Initially, Contemporary Computer Services (CCSI), a New York-based systems solution company and Axis partner, planned to install a couple of AXIS Companion Dome Cameras and AXIS Companion video management software for building security. But after brainstorming with CCSI and Axis, ISF also learned how they could use cameras to visually document their athletes’ progress over time.

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