Ensuring You Cloud Infrastructure is Secure





Are you hosting in the Cloud? Security challenges in the Cloud are different than those that exist on prem, but the overall processes to build and maintain a secure environment are the same. What would be the impact if your database was compromised? What consequences would you face if a malicious outsider gained access to your cloud environment? How can you be sure there isn’t a misconfiguration in the infrastructure? Just as you would do a security assessment on prem, ensuring cloud security must begin with a Cloud Security Assessment.

The CCSI Cloud Security Assessment includes:

  • Identifying cloud security risks.
  • Performing a cloud security audit to document current controls and provide visibility into the strengths and weaknesses of current systems.
  • Assessing gaps in current capabilities that may weaken cloud security in recommending technology and services to address them.
  • Assessing security maturity by benchmarking current controls and practices against leading methods and standards.
  • Performing a cloud security assessment of the effectiveness of current policies and their alignment with business goals.

We also generate reports on compliance with the CIS Framework, AWS Well Architected Framework (for AWS environments), and the Microsoft Azure Best Practices (for Azure environments).


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Need to see it in action?

CCSI has a Proof of Concept Lab providing a secure, state-of-the-art proof of concept testing infrastructure, and optional access to our Professional Services experts.


Learn more or request time in the lab: here.

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