Are you properly protecting your sensitive data and IT assets from cybersecurity risks?

Do you know the level of risk you’re currently exposed to? At CCSI we know these can be difficult questions to hear, so we’re offering free risk assessments to help answer them with you. This is at no cost to your organization and completely free. No strings attached.

This won’t be as detailed as our complete risk assessment, but it will shed light on areas in your organization that could potentially be at risk in your enterprise. We use a similar framework used during our full risk assessments. The security team at CCSI knows many SMB’s might not have the resources or budget to perform these assessments and we’re looking to offer our expertise and guidance to help reduce risk in your enterprise. It’s because of this we’re offering a free risk assessment to those that might need our assistance.

The assessment can be guided towards critical assets, compliance or just a general risk review. After contacting our team we’ll setup a call to discuss the review process in more detail and schedule a time to work with our team. We welcome the opportunity to offer any guidance that might assist with reducing the cybersecurity risk within your organization.

Contact us today to discuss our complementary risk assessment service. We’re here to help.

Key Benefits

The benefit of undergoing a risk assessment is to shed light on risks which might still be unknown. By having CCSI provide a risk assessment against your organization will assist you with making more informed decisions based off our experience and help mitigate gaps in your defense. Key benefits to having a risk assessment include:

  • Fulfill compliance needs (PCI, NYS DFS, GDPR)
  • Review the risk to critical assets
  • Determine where to spend and allocate security budget
  • Align unique business requirements with compliance and security findings
  • Create a roadmap to be used as part of your cybersecurity program