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Plan, design and test transformative technology enhancements with the CCSI Proof of Concept lab. Business growth, market accelerations, and innovation all drive network transformation. And your IT team is expected to make those changes work. But you first need to accurately figure out the impact on production. Making it work isn’t easy if you have limited testing infrastructure and IT resources that are stretched thin. We can help with the CCSI Proof of Concept Lab.

Your IT needs constantly grows and morphs to meet business needs. New apps, updates, technology integrations, infrastructure changes and more can all have major impacts on it. Without the right quality assurance and integration testing, these impacts can lead to downtime and lost revenue. The CCSI Proof of Concept Lab gives you a secure, state-of-the-art proof of concept testing infrastructure, and optional access to our Professional Services experts, so you can avoid negative impacts.

Proof of Concept Lab
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Stay Focused, Reduce Risk, and Ease Integration

CCSI Proof of Concept Lab helps you stay focused on your core business objectives while letting you look to the future. It can help with all of the following:

  • Expansion and innovation—Securely develop and deploy new technologies.
  • Operational efficiency—Enable application delivery to support new business models.
  • Workforce productivity—Test new products without incurring large capital outlays or taking in-house staff away from core functions.

Inadequately tested configuration changes, updates and new services or technologies can expose you to a variety of risks. You might find yourself susceptible to network availability and communications problems that can disrupt business operations. You might unintentionally introduce security vulnerabilities that put your data and systems at risk. We help you reduce these risks as you perform a variety of pre-deployment assessments and testing. From the lab, organizations can test and demo:

  • Advanced infrastructure deployment and configuration
  • Advanced application deployment and configuration
  • Security testing and sandboxing
  • Technology and skills proving ground
  • Software Development
  • Multi-cloud testing across AWS, Azure, Google, and our local private cloud

Realistic Impact and Assessment Testing

Our Proof of Concept Lab gives you a testing infrastructure that provides value-add network services and an array of other technologies as a standard part of the environment. Our customers have access to our state of the art Solution Center that is powered by our Proof of Concept Lab. Our Proof-of-Concept Lab has been recognized as a Cloud Center of Excellence by a number of manufacturers.  As a result, you can more accurately gauge how your new services or changes will affect your network.

The lab gives you access to our secure enterprise network with firewall-protected Internet and Private IP connections. That way you can isolate the environment while you do your testing. Our environment features a scalable and flexible virtual environment with over 30 virtual machines. You can leverage our lab and have access to more than 20 different vendor platforms, and state-of-the-art testing tools.

How it works

Organizations interested in using the facility should contact their CCSI representative. Customers can reserve time and have the ability to leverage the lab as a local executive briefing center for design, planning, demonstrations and proof-of-concepts. The lab can also be used for industry meetups and user groups.  The lab is located within the CCSI World Headquarters facility in Bohemia, NY but is accessible anywhere in the world.

Transform your business

When you use our Proof of Concept Lab, you’ll discover how to transform your business without putting your production environment at risk. We provide the environment and optional expertise needed to explore how you can better leverage new technologies, and test and develop disruptive new solutions to accelerate new opportunities for business growth and success.

Concept Lab Use Cases

The CCSI Proof of Concept Lab can be used to test out new technology, software, or demo new applications. Below are just a few use cases.

It is no longer good enough to just protect your data – you need to protect your business with a DRaaS solution. Having a disaster recovery plan and getting your critical applications back up and running quickly is no longer a luxury but a business requirement.  The threats to business continuity continue to evolve. From ransomware to employee error to natural disaster, a variety of events can cause outages, and the costs of downtime can be high, even for short incidents. It’s up to IT organizations to be prepared.

CCSI has several DRaaS solutions running in the lab and access to multiple cloud providers to test the protection and recovery of various types of applications and servers in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Detecting and preventing the loss of data can prevent brand damage, competitive disadvantage, and/or legal proceedings. The DLP program is the mechanism by which an organization identifies their most sensitive data, where the data is authorized to be stored or processed, who or what applications should have access to the data, and how to protect from the loss of the sensitive data.

CCSI has a test environment with sensitive looking data and DLP applications that will prevent the exfiltration of this data.

As time goes by, criminals are developing more and more complex methods of obscuring how their malware operates, making it increasingly difficult to detect and analyze. The list of tactics used is seemingly endless and can include obfuscation, packers, executing from memory with no file drop, and P2P botnet architecture with frontline command and control servers (C2s) and gateways being compromised websites. Add to these tactics the concerns about Domain Generations Algorithms (DGA), Fast Flux and Dynamic DNS, and you complicate the mix even further.

A good way to understand how malicious software works is to drop the malware in a controlled environment, a vulnerability or malware test lab that you can infect to observe and analyze how the malware behaves on the system without affecting your production system.  CCSI can provide you with all the resources needed.

With cyber-attacks becoming the norm, it is more important than ever before to undertake regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and ensure on a regular basis that the cyber controls are working.  Penetration testing looks at vulnerabilities and will try and exploit them.

CCSI has a safe environment designed to be attacked and penetrated as a means of learning and sharpening your pen testing skills and testing various hardware and software security solutions. This lab allows us to mirror interesting scenarios and introduce them into our hosted virtual labs.

Software defined WAN (SD-WAN) has gained ground in recent years. SD-WAN technology brings to forefront many benefits – ranging from lower cost, increased flexibility to reduced complexity of the overall branch office network.

The solutions are so effective, analysts speculate that many organizations are likely to use these technologies to enhance or even replace MPLS. Ultimately, they will reap the rewards of new abstractions, greater bandwidth, and reduced cost. Cloud applications will perform better thanks to their optimization. The choice isn’t simple, because networks are complex and unique, which is why you need to work with professionals who can add value.  One of the ways CCSI can add significant value is through our test lab which has an active SD-WAN environment with several vendors running concurrently.

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Proof of Concept Lab

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