Shine the Light on the Dark Corners of Hybrid Cloud-base Stacks





Moving to a cloud environment forces many companies to rethink host-centric monitoring, because instances come and go, and different groups within their organization spin up new stacks with little advance notice. This infrastructure churn is a new phenomenon. Gone are the days where virtual machine or physical server life spans were measured in years. CCSI’s Visibility Services are designed from the ground up for the unique demands of cloud-based workloads.

Whether or not you are using the cloud, if you add containers to your stack, your world gets much, much, more complex. In fact, it gets so complex that host-centric monitoring tools simply can’t explain your system, and you’ll be left with two choices:

  1. Treat containers as hosts that come and go every few minutes. In this case your life is miserable, because the monitoring system always thinks half of your infrastructure is on fire.
  2. Don’t track containers at all. You see what happens in the operating system and the app, but everything in the middle is a gap, as discussed earlier.

If you’re planning to monitor containers the same way as you’ve monitored hosts before, you should expect a very painful ride.

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Powerful Monitoring, Visualization, and Alerting into Dynamic Cloud Environments

  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Automated Altering
  • 13 Months of Data Retained
  • 100 Turn Key Integrations including Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, etc.

Host Based Monitoring to Monitoring as a Service

In order to keep a NOC and SOC running at peak efficiency, they need the best in tooling that can give them as close to complete visibility as possible and allow them to quickly query multiple data sources to root cause an issue. With all of this in mind, learn about next gen tooling in this free white paper.

Monitoring as a Service

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