Shed Light on the Risks in Your Organization

Are you properly protecting your sensitive data and IT assets from cybersecurity risks? Do you know the level of risk you’re currently exposed to? If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, it’s possible your organization is at increased risk from cyber attackers and meeting regulatory standards.

At CCSI, our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment focuses on identifying risks to your sensitive data and IT assets. Each assessment is guided towards your unique needs, based on cybersecurity and compliance like NYS DFS, and evaluates the current security controls in place and determines your level of risk based off our findings. Based on these findings we’ll calculate your risk level and suggest controls and mitigations to reduce the discovered findings.

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Our Approach

During our risk assessment CCSI will include multiple best practices from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Center for Internet Security (CIS) to create a focused approach to discovering the risk in your organization.

The assessment includes the following methodology and activities:

Discovery and Classification
of Assets

Vulnerability Scan

Interviews with Key Staff

Policy and Procedure Review

Audit of Current Security Controls

Gap Analysis Based of Compliance (optional)

Documentation of Findings and Recommendations

Transfer of Knowledge and Presentation of Risk Findings

Key Benefits

The benefit of undergoing a risk assessment is to shed light on risks which might still be unknown. By having CCSI provide a risk assessment against your organization will assist you with making more informed decisions based off our experience and help mitigate gaps in your defense. Key benefits to having a risk assessment include:

  • Fulfill compliance needs (PCI, NYS DFS, GDPR)
  • Review the risk to critical assets
  • Determine where to spend and allocate security budget
  • Align unique business requirements with compliance and security findings
  • Create a roadmap to be used as part of your cybersecurity program


With an understanding of where your risks lie it gives you a compressive roadmap on where to focus your efforts in defending against threats and reducing risk. We work with your organization to understand your specific business requirement and translate our findings into clear recommendations to remediate the risks in your organization. Through the risk assessment, CCSI will deliver the following:

Management Report with Prioritized Risks to Your Organization

Recommended Security Controls to Implement or Tighten

Roadmap of Changes in a Phased Approach

Compliance Findings Based Off Regulation (Optional)

Are you properly protecting your sensitive data and IT assets from cybersecurity risks? Check out our Free Risk Assessment

Do you know the level of risk you’re currently exposed to? At CCSI we know these can be difficult questions to hear, so we’re offering free risk assessments to help answer them with you. This is at no cost to your organization and completely free. No strings attached.

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