Rapid innovation is often difficult for enterprise organizations

80% of their IT budget is spent on maintaining legacy applications versus only 20% on innovation. Moving mission critical legacy applications to a cloud native environment can be difficult. At the same time, application developers need solutions to rapidly create and build new applications with the least amount of friction. Utilizing CCSI’s Cloud Microservices turns teams into agile high velocity teams.

Key Benefits


Microservices are capable of restarting failed containers. It eliminates containers that do not respond to the user defined troubleshooting. And, it replaces the malfunctioning containers with new ones.

Automatic Roll-outs and Roll-backs

When any changes are rolled out to your application, configuration, or secrets, it ensures those changes don’t affect performance or reliability. If an error is found, the changes are automatically rolled back.

Load Balancing and Service Discovery

Microservices enable load balancing by offering a single DNS name for a batch of containers. You don’t have to redesign the applications to use any specific service discovery mechanism.

Storage Orchestration

Microservices are capable of automatically using the storage system of your preference, either from public cloud provider, local storage or network storage systems like, Azure, AWS EBS, Google GCS, Ceph, NFS, GlusterFS and many others.

Monitoring and Management

Microservices can monitor and control all the continuous integration workloads.

Team of Experts in Docker & Kubernetes

Our team are experts in Docker, Kubernetes, microservices and distributed systems. We’ll work with you to make sure the right solution is delivered, one that will help your teams deliver software faster, more efficiently and at scale. We’ll be with you each step along the way as you assess, pilot and operate your Kubernetes infrastructure.

Our Solutions

CCSI offers your organization an abundance of cloud-related skills and insights, covering all aspects of the transition to an environment in which legacy systems and cloud services coexist. We have over 43 years of experience with technology consulting and operations with thousands of satisfied customers.

Quick Start

Quick Start is a comprehensive package to design, build, and operate Kubernetes in a production using CCSI’s proven methodology.


CCSI Training option would assist your organization and team in understanding the approaches, constructs, and potential pitfalls of Cloud Microservices.

Analysis & Roadmap

Analysis and Roadmap service would review and analyze applications, then create a strategic path for Microservices migration.

Cloud Architecture Consulting & Design

Consulting & Design service includes building a road-map for deploying and piloting Microservices with the organization’s requirements. Also an architecture assessment and design consultation for critical applications.

Monitoring & Management

Containers and pods are ephemeral resources. It is difficult to monitor a component that may quickly and unpredictably appear and disappear. CCSI Monitoring and Management enables organizations to track ephemeral resources with automatic service discovery, where cluster resources are automatically added and removed from monitoring in real-time. CCSI stores container data for up to 2 years, which allows analysis of historic trends and forecast performance.

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