BYOD and Securing It to Protect Your Organization

BYOD, which stands for bring-your-own-device, is an important concept. With its supporting technologies it is accelerating telecommuting and collaboration in the workplace at a rapid pace. When selecting a BYOD strategy it is important to focus on some key areas. Understand your users’ needs. Establish clear policies. Define the discovery and enrollment process. Customize the…

cybersecurity career

Tips to Begin a Cybersecurity Career

I have worked in the cybersecurity space for about 14 years now. I found my way into cybersecurity from being a network engineer who needed to fill a technology gap on my then team – as a security subject matter expert.

I have been approached over the years by folks looking to begin a career in cybersecurity and/or gain a much deeper appreciation of this field. There are many reasons for these inquiries and it’s not necessarily for the paycheck alone. It’s a role that comes with an incredible amount of responsibility and brings immense value to any organization. I know that for myself, helping organizations better secure their business assets, and as such- their overall business, makes me feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment for my investment in time and experience to learn this craft.

CPU Vulnerabilities

The Low Down on the CPU Vulnerabilities

As you’ve probably already noticed a few highly dangerous CPU vulnerabilities have been released that effect the CPU at a hardware level. Since this is base off the hardware itself all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, macOS) need to protect against it. This means patching their operating systems to mitigate against the threats that the Intel CPU’s have introduced. Now before you run out and grab the latest patch from the OS vendors be warned. There’s a possibility that this could actually cause negative performance on your system and include system crashes.