Business Managed IT Maintenance or Break/Fix

In this day and age, almost all businesses rely on computer technology and many now rely on technologies like cloud computing. Think of how much simpler things like cloud storage make sharing files with an entire organization.

All of the benefits that come from computer technologies also come with a list of drawbacks; i.e.: skill set and the cost of that skill set are at the top of the list. With so many technology choices, layered with the need to protect your data, many times you can’t rely on your own knowhow to diagnose computer problems, for one. That means you must rely on the in-house expertise of your technology department or third-party service providers.

pen test

Pen Test vs. Vulnerability Assessment: Which is Right for my Organization?

Often, when speaking to many organizations, I often hear confusion about Pen Testing, ie: what it is, how it differs from vulnerability assessments and what are the best use cases. I’ve decided to write this blog in the hopes of helping my customers better understand these differences and use cases of each.

The cyber threat environment is dynamic and constantly evolving. There are new vulnerabilities discovered on a daily basis. Attacks are getting more sophisticated – they’re getting more complex and flying under the radar of traditional detection technologies.

Podcast: CISO Speak – Incident Response

This months podcast features host Larry Bianculli speaking with guest CISO Agim Bracovic from BNB Bank, as well as our very own Matthew Pascucci, cybersecurity practice manager, at CCSI, on Incident Response. How do you build a team of qualified IR resources with current staff? How do you prepare and train an incident response team?…

policy and procedure

Podcast: CISO Speak – Policy and Procedure

This months podcast features host Larry Bianculli speaking with guest CISO Jeff Jennings from Healthplex, as well as our very own Matthew Pascucci, cybersecurity practice manager, at CCSI, on policy and procedures. Where do you begin to write company policy and procedures? What are the best practices and how to ensure adaptation? Jeff Jennings and…

cybersecurity career

Tips to Begin a Cybersecurity Career

I have worked in the cybersecurity space for about 14 years now. I found my way into cybersecurity from being a network engineer who needed to fill a technology gap on my then team – as a security subject matter expert.

I have been approached over the years by folks looking to begin a career in cybersecurity and/or gain a much deeper appreciation of this field. There are many reasons for these inquiries and it’s not necessarily for the paycheck alone. It’s a role that comes with an incredible amount of responsibility and brings immense value to any organization. I know that for myself, helping organizations better secure their business assets, and as such- their overall business, makes me feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment for my investment in time and experience to learn this craft.


Podcast: National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)

  Helpful Links: National Cyber Security Awareness Month – Information, events, content, blogs, and infographics Cybersecurity in the Work Place Infographic – Every business faces cybersecurity challenges, no matter the industry or size. Take these steps to proactively protect your customers, employees and intellectual property – and by extension your business’ reputation and success.