5 Industries That Need the Most Cybersecurity Practices

With the advancements in technology every year, the need for protection against cyber threats increases as well. Stronger technologies mean hackers and cyber attackers have better weapons to hit us with. Some industries are prone to more intensive and frequent cyber attacks than others. Those industries need the latest and up-to-date cybersecurity practices to keep their data safe. That’s because these industries could offer more valuable pieces of information to the attackers.

cybersecurity career

Tips to Begin a Cybersecurity Career

I have worked in the cybersecurity space for about 14 years now. I found my way into cybersecurity from being a network engineer who needed to fill a technology gap on my then team – as a security subject matter expert.

I have been approached over the years by folks looking to begin a career in cybersecurity and/or gain a much deeper appreciation of this field. There are many reasons for these inquiries and it’s not necessarily for the paycheck alone. It’s a role that comes with an incredible amount of responsibility and brings immense value to any organization. I know that for myself, helping organizations better secure their business assets, and as such- their overall business, makes me feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment for my investment in time and experience to learn this craft.

Identity Management

Identity Management and Network Access Control

We hear about a new major security breach almost every week. Some of them rely on weak keys to do so. In the famous TJ Maxx breach, it is believed the hackers exploited a weak pre-shared key for Wifi. Had they been using WPA2-802.1x the key would have been infinitely stronger. This means the hackers would need to be in the same location for a longer period time and potentially dissuading them from continuing the hack. Even if they stuck around, it would have been obvious to staff that a car was lurking around for too long. Identity management would have helped to enable 802.1x and Radius, which generates unique keys and regenerates them in shorter intervals.