CCSI is a dynamic managed services provider that supplies the finest quality discovery, planning,design, implementation, and operational support services for our customers. Below are a some of our brochures of our services and solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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CCSI Full Suite of Solutions

When Technology Revolves Around You,
The Results Are Undeniable

CCSI is a dynamic managed services provider that supplies the finest quality discovery, planning,design, implementation, and operational support services for our customers.

Managed Services NOC Brochure

Managed Services Brochure

How do I reduce costs, security breaches,
and downtime?
Your IT staff should focus on critical business issues rather than day-to-day operations. CCSI’s state-of-the-art NOC, uses sophisticated tools for network management, reporting, and notifications enabling you to stay ahead of your competition.


 IT Hardware Maintenance Services
Who is supporting your network?

CCSInet is a bundled service that offers a comprehensive and quality maintenance support with substantial savings vs. typical manufacturer maintenance costs.

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Custom Transformation for Future Success
There are many organizations that can assist in migrating to the cloud. CCSI is unique because we understand the real impact of a cloud migration on all areas of your business and the immense opportunities it brings.


Find and Stop Cyber Threats

CCSI’s ThreatProtect monitors all network traffic to gain high-fidelity visibility into all device actions — including IoT and BYOD devices, from the campus to the data center to the cloud, leaving attackers exposed.

Physical Security Brochure

Physical Security

Who has access into your data closets?

As many businesses begin to transition to IP-based physical security solutions, the need for an experienced IT partner that understands how to plan, design, and integrate enterprise ready solutions into existing IT networks is crucial.

CCSI Agent Program

Partner Referral Program
CCSI Agent program is a partner or referral program. CCSI leverages its Agents to help identify new prospects and customers. CCSI provides rewards and incentives to our approved list of Agents for each new lead.

Corporate Overview

CCSI Full Suite of Solutions

CCSI is a dynamic managed services provider that supplies the finest quality discovery, planning, design, implementation, and operational support services for our customers. Our primary objective is to deliver business solutions that ensure clients achieve and maintain a competitive edge.

Vendor Partnerships

Strategic Solutions for Exceptional Results

For more than 40 years, CCSI has remained on the forefront of technological innovation, navigating clients through a complete IT revolution with a focus on helping firms understand the practical business implications of emerging technologies. With our strategic vendor partnerships, we are able to deliver managed solutions customized for each client’s needs with exceptional results.

Cost Containment

Cost Containment as a Service

Long-term Cloud Cost Management
Enterprises are often unaware that they are wasting 30-45 percent of their cloud spend. Because control of cloud accounts is decentralized, many companies are challenged to pinpoint where waste is occurring and how to eliminate it on an ongoing basis. CCSI CCaaS enables you to break down cloud costs.

Visibility as a Service

Lighting up the Dark Corners of Hybrid Cloud-based Stacks

Hybrid Cloud and Microservices are by nature, highly dynamic environments. CCSI’s
Visibility Services are designed from the ground up for the unique demands of cloud based
workloads. CCSI Visibility services completes your modern cloud infrastructure stacks byu providing monitoring, visualization, and altering.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Discover Exploits like an Adversary, Fix them like a Boss

Your environment is filled with systems being accessed by employees to perform their jobs. These systems are an integral part of your organization success. These very same systems, if not properly cared for, can also be accessed by an adversary for malicious purposes and be used to bring down your business and reputation. Discovering where your systems and applications are vulnerable is an important step in protecting your business from attackers.

Business Continuity

DRaaS & BaaS – Keep your business running
IT disruptions may be inevitable, but data loss and downtime don’t have to be. In the event of a failure, CCSI’s Disaster Recovery Cloud Service ensures fast recovery of your business critical applications while minimizing the chances of data loss.
DDoS Simulation and Risk Assessment

DDoS Simulation

Are you positive you are protected from a DDoS attack?
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are growing and many organizations are completely unprepared for these attacks or have had their mitigation processes adequately tested in battle. We provide tools and expertise to determine your risk posture against DDoS in a proactive manner.
Managed Email Security

Managed Email Security

Defending Inboxes from Ransomware, Phishing, and Data Loss
The protection of your organizations email is a high priority when it comes to defending your user base and confidential data. Email has become a mission critical tool that’s being abused by attackers to compromise networks and steal data. The number one attack method today starts with phishing links sent through email and having a solution to protect against these attacks is imperative.


Cybersecurity Assessment

At CCSI we take a phased approach to the NYS DFS regulation that assists with partnering with our clients to navigate them through the 15 sections of regulation.



Flexible Cybersecurity Leadership
Our vCISO service you’ll get a seasoned professional with full access to their skills and experience growing cybersecurity programs. With this service our vCISO’s are able to fill in the role of CISO for your organization.
Proof of Concept Lab

Proof of Concept Lab

Drive Business Growth and Performance
Plan, design, and test transformative technology enhancements with the CCSI Proof of Concept lab. Your IT team is expected to make those changes work, but making it work isn’t easy if you have limited testing infrastructure and IT resources that are stretched thin. We can help with the CCSI Proof of Concept Lab.

Compliance & Regulation


We know many organizations are being held to high requirements based off their industry and the data they interact with. At CCSI, we work with clients across a broad spectrum of verticals that’s given us a unique insight into these regulations and how best to advise our clients not only become compliant, but secure.

Security & Risk

Understanding your weakness before you’re attacked is an important step in defending your network and data.By testing your cybersecurity program to search for areas of improvement hardens your security posture and gives you a road map and baseline of maturity to guide your program.

Security Awareness

Education is Your First Line of Defense
Despite all the funds you may have spent on state-of-the-art security software, the bad guys are just one gullible user click away from staging an all-out invasion. By far the most effective strategy in combating these attacks is also one of the most poorly implemented – security awareness training.

Our Mission

Situational Awareness, Crisis Management

Project SAFEguard was created to provide cutting edge solutions to institutional clientele by way of comprehensive planning, technology, and systems integration. Our goal is to provide the smartest solutions for situational awareness and crisis management, specifically designed to keep the inhabitants of your facility safe and secure.

Analytics & Planning

Assessment, Management, Training

SAFEguard conducts a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current policies, plans and procedures for preparedness, routine safety/security operations and emergency response. The findings of this analysis are used to formulate organizational, procedural
and technological advancements that enhances your safety and security.

Physical Security Technology

Facility Security, Access Control

PSG experts evaluate internal capabilities and protocols then conducts a complete detailed facility inspection to develop and validate floor plans (Fig. 1). The building floor plan is digitized forming the foundation of the completely customized digital security management system. Floor plans depict space configuration, security sensors and video cameras, and critical safety and emergency equipment locations such as water, gas, and electric.

Video Surveillance

Video Capability and Equipment

Project SAFEguard offers today’s most effective video surveillance components built within an enterprise physical security platform resident on a robust IP network infrastructure.
Our Video Surveillance Software (VMS) acts as the brains of our cutting-edge enterprise video surveillance deployment. The VMS software runs on dedicated servers in a facility’s server rooms.

Our Team

Prepare, Prevent, and Protect

Our expert team is uniquely qualified in formulating cutting edge solutions for the application of advanced strategies in emergency planning and crisis management, preparedness, and response.
In addition, Project SAFEguard is proud to be partnered with two specialized companies to provide complete planning, technology and systems integration solutions for situational awareness and crisis management in one single platform.

Project SAFEguard Brochure

What You Should Know

Routine security operations form the foundation on which to build robust crisis management and emergency response capabilities.