CCSI is the leader in education with a long and proven track record. We have extensive experience implementing cost-effective solutions for K-12 school districts and universities. CCSI can help you deliver a first-class learning experience to your students. Our team will work with faculty and staff to streamline operations within your school, enabling your teachers to focus on what matters most: teaching.



No matter how small your business may be, CCSI has the expertise to help you reach your goals and improve productivity.

When technology revolves around you the positive results are undeniable. We have more than 40 years of experience helping businesses gain a competitive advantage with the latest technologies.


CCSI understands Healthcare. Our experience in healthcare will give you guidance and help deliver a solution that is both cost-effective and outcome-driven.

For many years, healthcare operated under a volume-based business model. More patients, more tests, and more procedures led to more revenue. Under this model, organizations routinely made software and hardware decisions at the department level, which led to data isolation across the enterprise.

Media & Entertainment:

Media and entertainment organizations are seeking to increase the value of their media assets by merging creativity with technological breakthroughs. These firms seek to reduce the cost and risk of managing network services delivery

Organizations must be prepared to keep up with the rapidly growing volume of data and store an increasing number of large video files.

Public Sector

Local, regional, and central government agencies frequently underutilize today’s infrastructure technology. Organizations within the public sector need a thorough understanding of current technology trends, issues, and possibilities to optimally respond to dynamic policy patterns and deliver robust technology-dependent services.

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