Cutting the Cord

Over the last twenty years wireless has gone from a novelty to a necessity.  Providing a wireless network is what encourages worker mobility as well as mobility of thought.  But the challenges the wireless network present are daunting.  Implementing security properly is paramount when designing and implementing a wireless LAN (WLAN).  Let CCSI help your organization determine how to address Guest and BYOD postures while keeping known devices and users segregated from the rest of population.

Mobility trends and the increasing need to support a mobile workforce have forced enterprise organizations and SMBs to re-think their wireless network infrastructure. To boost or add wireless capability requires a detailed network assessment and careful planning.

mobility-quoteBYOD is the latest trend in mobility.

CCSI is the best choice to help provide secure mobility for your employees or customers? CCSI will help you address the advantages and the associated challenges?

What CCSI will do

CCSI Mobility Engineers will design and implement your wireless networking infrastructure to support business objectives and enable collaboration between employees, customers, and guests with our proven methodology:

  • Determine your RF coverage and density requirements using a proven, scalable methodology
    • CCSI will create AP placement diagrams based on RF predictions, RF site survey, or a hybrid of both.
  • Assess your existing wired network infrastructure for the following:
    • Bandwidth requirements
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) needs
  • Secure and Streamline user access by using cutting edge identity management

CCSI has designed and implemented systems and networks for diverse customers since the emergence of mainframes and mini computers.  CCSI’s diverse clients provide unique insight into understanding the challenges associated with providing your organization with a cutting-edge secure wireless network.

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