Reasons Why Healthcare Industry is the Biggest Target for Cyber Attacks

Recent times have shown the growing implementation of technology in many industries and sectors. The Healthcare sector has gracefully embraced this advent of technological progress. The aim of embracing advanced technology, including AI, is to enhance the patients’ treatment and care by better diagnosis. But has the sector gained only good from this technological progress? NO!

10 Essential Cybersecurity Tips to Ensure Safe Online Shopping for Customers

Online shopping is pretty convenient nowadays. Customers can easily shop around, look for the best prices, and have their orders delivered right at their doorstep from the comforts of their own homes. But the thing is, online shopping is more than just getting the lowest price in the market. You also must ensure that your customers’ online shopping experience is secure. With essential data being passed by your consumers whenever they transact or shop in your store, it’s important to make sure that their connection is secured.

What is the Test Plan for Software Testing?

Imagine you and your team of software developers have worked day and night on a product for weeks, months and even a few years. You have taken every step and procedure required to develop a product correctly. And you plan to release it within a span of a few days. Now cutting a long story short, your product is released but what happens is that your end-users start using the product. They find lots and lots of glitches while using the app and all of a sudden a huge chunk of the end-users switch to your competitors. So what happened, what exactly went wrong?

Physical And Digital Security Convergence Trends In A Post-Pandemic World

The post-pandemic security climate places cybersecurity as a top priority for businesses. Since many businesses have adopted cloud-based and IoT (internet of things) technologies to facilitate remote working during the pandemic, it has become necessary to consider physical security as inherently linked to digital security.

Top 5 Ways SD-WAN Benefits Your Organization

SD-WAN is one of those cool technologies that people are starting to understand and embrace; it’s a buzzword, even. It’s the next generation of network architecture that provides greater flexibility, security, and throughput by combining WAN, LAN and cloud technologies. It promises to make IT operations more efficient and effective. A good SD-WAN implementation can complement existing WAN, LAN and cloud technologies to deliver the ultimate network architecture.

Data Security Risks in The Next Decade and How to Prepare for Them

Almost all decisions and strategies in modern organizations are data-driven. Data breaches that make the data inaccessible can therefore tamper with normal company operations. Also, if it gets in the wrong hands, such sensitive data can be used to harm the company and third parties, such as suppliers, employees, and customers. Unfortunately, the prioritized digitization and automation of IT systems have made companies more vulnerable to data breaches.

The Importance of Password Protection for Your Business

With the business world now strongly present in the digital world, the use of technology in your business is inevitable. But it’s not all fairy tales and success stories when it comes to technology use in business. Over the past few years, interest in cybersecurity has grown as companies look to secure their internet and computers from digital attacks. One way you can get started on boosting your cyber security is through password protection. Below we explain what password protection is and why it is essential for your business.