Whether you need to mitigate data theft, unauthorized access, or improve productivity, investing in the right Physical Security solution can help save your business thousands.

To keep your facility safe and protect your corporate assets, CCSI provides an integrated Unified Physical Security Solution built on a sophisticated IP architecture.

Rather than trying to manage a variety of isolated systems, our solution enables you to respond quickly and easily as well as to involve first responders as necessary.

Physical Security Brochure
Physical Security Brochure

Our solution includes:

Video Surveillance

IP cameras enable you to easily access real-time and archived video from any camera in the system

  • Allows you to place cameras in any location with a wired or  wireless network connection, avoiding new cabling costs
  • Enables authorized personnel to securely access video from anywhere, at any time
  • Stores video on or off location
  • Integrates with existing and new cameras, video analytics, and other systems using open standards

Access Control

Access control lets you manage a schedule for unlocking building doors and indicate who can enter

  • Helps prevent unauthorized access to school buildings
  • Enables remotely controlled lockdowns to isolate safety incidents
  • Reduces personnel requirements for entry monitoring
  • Creates an accurate log of who enters your buildings
  • Integrates with Video Surveillance to increase situational awareness by automatically tagging video when someone swipes an access card

First Responder Emergency Planning Preparedness and Response: Project SafeGuard


Project SAFEguardproject_safeguard_logo_fnl-02 has assembled an exceptional team of experts to include former military, law enforcement, emergency management, technology integration and security industry professionals.

Our expert team is uniquely qualified in formulating cutting edge solutions for the application of advanced strategies in emergency planning and crisis management, preparedness and response.


Project SAFEguard works directly with local emergency management, fire and police first responders to facilitate response tactics for each of your locations. We develop plans and procedures to help maximize the security and response capabilities at your facility enhancing the safety of both responders and individuals in need.

Our Team works in accordance with the Chapter 181(2000) Legislative Act to protect students from acts of violence and negative experiences. Our Team is well versed in S.A.V.E. mandates relative to safety procedures, building-level checklists, emergency management, planning, and preparedness for our clientele.