cloud security

Securing Shared Infrastructure

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Cloud computing is different from traditional on premise IT. The cloud is a shared infrastructure and when using shared infrastructures, organizations do not control much of the technology that underlies the cloud services they engage, especially networking. Shared infrastructures have their own security considerations that should be assessed before embracing the cloud.

Cloud Comparison

Cloud Comparison


Find out the different names and icons between these top three public clouds, Azure, AWS, and Google Compute in this cloud comparison chart.


Cloud Cost Containment

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Cloud services offer huge opportunities to transform speed, efficiency and operating costs of an organization. But forecasting and controlling cloud costs from multiple providers can quickly become an unmanageable headache that delays or even puts a stop to a successful innovation. Learn more with this free whitepaper.


Monitoring as a Service

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In order to keep a NOC and SOC running at peak efficiency, they need the best in tooling that can give them as close to complete visibility as possible and allow them to quickly query multiple data sources to root cause an issue. With all of this in mind, learn about next gen tooling in this free white paper.


Business Continuity

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You hear the term business continuity all the time.  Most of us even have a preconceived notion of what it is.  “Business continuity is disaster recovery”…”Incident response is business continuity”.  In actuality business continuity is a much broader area which in reality addresses, amongst other things, both disaster recovery and incident response.


Cloud Migration

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Migrating applications and data services to the cloud is fraught with risk. While businesses expect improved flexibility, cost and control, many don’t anticipate the application performance problems that can arise due to significant infrastructure changes.


Containers and Cloud Computing

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You have probably heard of Docker. It’s the container system that has exploded onto the cloud computing scene just five years ago. But if you haven’t, you can think of containers as easily configured, lightweight VMs (virtual machines) that start up fast, often in under a second. Containers are ideal for micro-service architectures and for environments that scale rapidly or release often.

NYDFS Cybersecurity Whitepaper

How to Approach the NYDFS Cybersecurity Requirements

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As of March 1 2017, the New York State Department of Financial Services deployed new regulations that are aimed at making organizations more compliant and secure from threats.
WannaCry Whitepaper

WannaCry: Protect Yourself

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The WannaCry Ransomware has highlighted a few areas in security where customers can tighten their defenses against malware today. Much of this advice relies on basic security hygiene while others bring in new tools that can assist with defending against WannaCry and other malware of its kind.

Machine Learning

Using Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis

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Attackers are consistently breaching enterprise networks in attempts to compromise confidential data. By adding behavioral analysis and machine learning to a business’s cyber defense, threats can be made visible.
DR Solution Ready for Business

DRaaS: A DR Solution Ready for Business

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Companies are increasingly relying on data as the lifeblood of their business. If the data or systems they use to access and process that data go down, so does the business.


Ransomware Protection


Ransomware attacks are increasing, but they’re not unstoppable. There is no single layer or control that can be implemented which will completely protect you. Using a layered approach to fight against ransomware and going back-to-basics is the best method to use when defending against attack.


Inclusive Sports Fitness

Case Study

Inclusive Sports and Fitness (ISF) provides physical fitness and sports performance training to children on the autism spectrum or living with other developmental challenges. Initially, Contemporary Computer Services (CCSI), a New York-based systems solution company and Axis partner, planned to install a couple of AXIS Companion Dome Cameras and AXIS Companion video management software for building security. But after brainstorming with CCSI and Axis, ISF also learned how they could use cameras to visually document their athletes’ progress over time.


Professional Group Plans

Case Study

CCSI presented a state-of-the-art SD-WAN solution to replace one MPLS connection with SD-WAN. This equipped Professional Group Plans with a network that has total visibility and control with error correction for increased reliability with significant savings. Check out the full case study.

Carle Place

Carle Place UFSD

Case Study

Check out this use case where CCSI provided a unique, customized DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) solution that protected the financial management systems of Carle Place UFSD and was able to launch as many custom workstations as needed on demand.

Secure Cloud

Defining Security for Today's Cloud Environments


Learn the importance of an agile security solution that dynamically scales as changes are made to cloud environments, and the benefits of segmentation for deep visibility of traffic and eliminating the spread of advanced threats.

Securing Enterprise

A New Approach to Securing the Enterprise Network

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Much has been said and written about the challenges that enterprises face today in light of the increased level of threat activity and the level of sophistication of the threats themselves. What can an enterprise do to protect itself?

security as agile as the cloud

Scale and Segment the Cloud

Will your disaster recover plan be effective?

This white paper provides key security considerations for different cloud environments, and explains the need to fundamentally scale protection and provide segmentation within and across cloud environments to maintain a strong security posture.