Discover Your Vulnerabilities, Prioritize Your Efforts, Reduce Your Exposure

The threat of attack is continually on the horizon and attackers are consistently using misconfigurations and vulnerabilities found in a victim’s organization with malicious intent. Organizations need to properly identify their weaknesses and create a plan of action on how to remediate these exposures against future attacks. Those who aren’t continually searching for vulnerabilities can be left ill prepared against attackers looking to take advantage of these open threats.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Discover vulnerabilities and identify weaknesses within your organization (Internally/Externally)
  • Managed service that allows for trained staff 24×7 to review results and schedule scans
  • Develop a continual process that delivers visibility into your environment
  • Automated scanning with trained engineers to analyze and prioritize findings
  • Scan all assets in your environment on a predetermined schedule or one-time effort
Vulnerability Management
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Look at your network with the eyes of an attacker

It’s critical that organizations look to create a vulnerability management program that follows the lifecycle of: Discovery, prioritizing, reporting and remediation of their vulnerabilities. With CCSI’s vulnerability management-as-a-service our security operations center (SOC) will assist with tailoring a program around your unique environment. We’ll assist with discovering and classifying systems within your network and create custom scheduled scans to search for vulnerabilities. Once the discovery and vulnerability scans are complete our SOC will analyze and prioritize the results to offer our clients added visibility into where their greatest risks lie. We then create reports that will assist with creating metrics to measure their vulnerability management programs success. Lastly, if needed, we can assist with the remediation of the vulnerabilities and retest to validate that the exposures has been remediated.

There are many reasons that organizations require vulnerability management. Many times it’s to increase their security posture, an audit finding or compliance. At CCSI, we’re familiar with working with all enterprises in order to fulfill your needs when creating a vulnerability management program.

Vulnerability Scanning and Management Options

With our vulnerability scanning options we assist with identifying vulnerabilities from different perspectives. This helps us guide our clients on prioritization of exposed risk by analyzing your environment from different angles.

The perimeter of your network is exposed to attackers and needs to be validated that it’s not vulnerable. Our external vulnerability scans are done remotely over the internet and allow us to see your network like an adversary would. These scans are performed against all scan targets listed below.

Locate and identify vulnerabilities within your network. With our service we can scan your internal LAN to identify risks within your environment. This helps discover exposures behind your firewall that would be at risk to an attacker that’s already gained access to an internal endpoint (E.g Phishing). These scans are performed against all scan targets listed below.

It’s important for an organization to scan as many systems and assets as possible. Each asset, or target, has the potential to be vulnerable in their own way. We like to discover these assets and create groups and policies to guide our vulnerability scans towards the particular asset. These include the following:

  • Web applications
  • Network Infrastructure
  • IoT Devices
  • Systems (Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix, etc)

Managed Scanning

  • Discover endpoints and create a grouping for assets
  • Create schedules based of group type and have a custom scan directed towards these assets
  • Deliver results to our 24×7 SOC to review and prioritize
  • Create a report to review with our clients to assist with building metrics based off prior results to show maturity
  • Offer remediation if required

One Time Scans

  • Discover endpoints and create a grouping for assets
  • Create schedules based of group type and have a custom scan directed towards these assets
  • Deliver report onsite with client and review findings
  • Offer remediation if required
  • Authenticated scans to dig deeper into assets and discover additional vulnerabilities
  • Compliance scans to guide an organization against regulatory concerns

With our managed vulnerability management offering CCSI is able to manage these services for your enterprise to give you the best possible chance in detecting open threats on your organization’s internal and external assets. This solution can be fully managed and comes complete with our 24×7 SOC to assist with customizing our offering to your particular business needs. This includes the fine tuning, scheduling, implementation and day-to-day management of your vulnerability management program.

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Vulnerability Management Bundles

One-Time Scans
Introductory (Managed)
Standard (Managed)
Enterprise (Managed)
  • Asset Discovery
  • Authenticated Scan
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Internal Scan
  • External Scan
  • Web Application Scan
  • Compliance Scan
  • Report Delivery

  • Prioritization and Advisory
  • Vulnerability Remediation

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