Eliminate the Risk to Patient Data

The healthcare industry is evolving and with this change brings unique security and privacy challenges to organizations holding protected health information (PHI). The advancements of healthcare providers transforming patient care through technology brings not only better care, but also the urgent need to protect patient data from digital threats. The need to evaluate your organizations risk posture against the threats to your patient data is essential. By utilizing the frameworks laid out by the HIPAA and HITECH laws and our deep expertise in the healthcare industry, CCSI is able to become a trusted advisor for organizations responsible for storing, maintaining or transmitting PHI data to meet and exceed their security and privacy expectations.

increases patient care

Key Benefits

  • Determine gaps in the Privacy/Security of PHI and EPHI within your environment
  • Demonstrate to clients/auditors that a third party assessment has been completed
  • Validate all required policy and procedure requirements are being fulfilled
  • Harden the organizations incident response planning
  • Evaluate logging and cybersecurity monitoring capabilities

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Our Approach

CCSI assists by working with covered entities and business associates to secure their environments and ensure the privacy of patient data they’re responsible to maintain. Regardless of your organizations size, we’re here to assist guide medical practices, providers and organizations dealing with healthcare data to fulfill all regulatory requirements. We’ll follow the groundwork laid by HIPAA and HITECH and add existing best practices towards securing patient records. Today’s modern medical industry includes the advent of telehealth, patient wearables, medical devices (IoT), EMR/EHR and utilization of the cloud to provide patients with the utmost care. With these changes occurring in the medical community, CCSI is prepared to assist with transforming healthcare organizations of today into secure, private practices that allow them to meet compliance and security while still allowing them to provide the best possible treatment.

Throughout this assessment, CCSI will focus on the requirements framed by the HIPAA/HITECH regulations that include the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification. These are the guiding principles we’ll focus on with our customers, but will tailor each assessment as a custom evaluation of our client’s environment to give them a personalized assessment of their security/privacy posture when it comes to the protection of ePHI/PHI data. We’ll accomplish this assessment through the following steps:


Scoping and Review

During this phase we’ll determine what’s in scope for the assessment and work with the needed personal to gain a better understanding of how to proceed through the engagement. During this phase the time will be spent as a fact finding mission to determine the posture of our clients and gain evidence.


Validation of Security Controls

Throughout the second phase we’ll actively test our clients systems and procedures against the HIPAA/HITECH security rule to determine any gaps or findings within the covered entities or business associates environments within scope of work. This phase will include a potential mixture of hands-on and compliance driven validation to achieve a baseline and findings report for our clients.


Report on Compliance

After completing the prior phases CCSI will make available a detailed report defining the state of readiness for your organization. This will include gaps, vulnerabilities and identified risks from the validation phase. Within this report our clients will also receive a recommendation section that will assist with remediating any HIPPA/HITECH violations uncovered during the assessment.


Remediation Efforts (Optional)

This optional phase allows CCSI to work with our clients to remediate the HIPAA/HITECH findings found during the engagement. The remediation work can fall within the documentation, architecture, technology or security awareness readiness of an organization. With our hands on approach, cybersecurity monitoring and deep engineering background we’re able to fulfill any remediation request a client might need assistance with.

What Deliverables do I receive?

  • Report on the state of an organization’s HIPPA/HITECH readiness
  • Roadmap of identified risks and recommended corrective actions
  • Remediation work if requested

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