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There are significant benefits to migrating to the cloud like speed, cost, and agility, but there are also considerable associated challenges that should not be underestimated. This is where CCSI can help transform your business by utilizing the benefits of the cloud but, control the cost, security and compliance concerns, and delivery model.

CCSI is unique because we understand the real impact of a cloud migration on all areas of your business and the immense opportunities it brings. Having strong technical expertise is not enough. The real value in the cloud lies in transforming and automating your underlying
processes and practices. CCSI is an expert in this.

Cloud Migration

Benefits with CCSI Cloud Migration Service include:

  • Experts in aligning strategy to business goals.
  • Top tier consulting services
  • Superior operations management experience.
  • Real world practitioners, not career consultants.
  • Cost effective delivery model.
  • Consumption based financial modeling expertise.

Our Service Approach

Many MSP’s focus on technology. CCSI has a much more comprehensive approach focusing on transforming the entire organization to succeed in a cloud enabled world. Our cloud migration service includes discovery, assessment, migration planning, migration & testing, going live, and optional ongoing supporting.

cloud migration

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Need to see it in action?

CCSI has a Proof of Concept Lab providing a secure, state-of-the-art proof of concept testing infrastructure, and optional access to our Professional Services experts.


Learn more or request time in the lab: here.

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