Who you gonna call…
when there is a Security Breach?

Prepare with Tabletop Exercises

CCSI Webinar

February 25th, 2020 at 1:00-2:00PM

The best way to prepare your organization during a security breach or disaster is running through exercises that force you into this mindset. At CCSI, we work with putting our clients through these scenarios with custom made tabletop exercises to prepare them for similar events. It’s helpful for organizations as a whole to live this experience, even if it’s just a tabletop, in order to understand the ramifications of where they might have blinders on from a maturity standpoint.

Within these tabletop sessions clients will receive the following:

  • Custom made presentation developed with CCSI moderators based off clients unique business requirements and pain points
  • Ability to have multiple business units and roles attend to sharpen their awareness
  • Compliance fulfillment to validate continuous posture improvement
  • Documentation of findings based off moderating the session for improvements and strengths within clients security posture

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