Secure Business Continuity Options

Today there are many reasons causing organizations to shift towards a remote workforce. This change in workforce access all comes with unique work-from-home risks. With the workforce pivoting to home the increased threat of ransomware being delivered via phishing, remote access risk, and focused security awareness training become a priority. CCSI Threat Protect services offer companies a 24×7 monitoring solution dedicated towards protecting organizations with a remote workforce.

Key Benefits

  • Deny ransomware to remote users
  • Multi-tenancy access to customer portals
  • SOC2 Type II certified solutions for compliance
  • Remote access equipment monitoring
  • Quick deployment with limited resources
  • Prevent phishing & email compromise
  • External vulnerability scans
  • Monitored 24×7 by trained security analysts
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Endpoint Protection

ThreatProtect Endpoint service allows for monitoring, detection and prevention of ransomware and malicious software from affecting your workforce. This includes your IoT environment. Doing this successfully will require deep context about every device both trusted and untrusted, and the ability to handle devices at IoT scale via a policy-driven engine. This allows for additional control over the malware infections and protections of your remote workforce all while being monitored by our 24×7 Security Operation Center (SOC).

Email Protection

ThreatProtect Mail service protects against today’s top threat vector of phishing and business email compromise. This cloud solution can be implemented with limited resources and assist with blocking the increased phishing campaigns dedicated towards remote users. In addition, receive user awareness training to continually educate users of mail attacks while working remote.


ThreatProtect Monitoring will focus on network connections while the remote workforce is connecting back to your organization. This includes performance monitoring of VPNs or remote access equipment, external vulnerability scans of external ranges focusing on remote access and monitoring of network traffic traversing remote access equipment for security incidents and threats.

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