Smart Devices

Smart Devices have Made Us More Insecure than Ever

2017 was expected to be the year when Internet of Things would be the favorite prey for hackers, only for all the right reasons. The expectation was put forward by researchers and smart home analysts from around the world that by 2020, consumers and businesses would integrate as many as 50 billion smart home devices in their homes and offices. While smart devices are a great way to automate daily chores, they also make consumers vulnerable to attacks and infiltrations.


Cutting the Cord…

Over the last twenty years, wireless has gone from a novelty to a necessity. Providing a wireless network is what encourages worker mobility as well as mobility of thought. But the challenges the wireless network present are daunting. Implementing security properly is paramount when designing and implementing a wireless LAN (WLAN). An organization needs to determine how to address Guest and BYOD postures while keeping known devices and users segregated from the rest of population.

Wife for rookies

Wifi for Rookies

WiFi for Dummies sounded too cliche and I suspect is a registered trademark, so I am going with WIFI for Rookies. This topic reminds me of when my old friend and former governor of California called me asking for help understanding WiFi. He explained that although he had played superheroes, he was not actually a superhero nor was he extremely technical.