Garbage Hardware

We have a term in our household that when any item with the thought to be ‘done with’, and is on its way to the trash is prefixed with term ‘Garbage’. While it’s not the most elegant term, it has stuck with most items. One of the best examples is when Garlic Bread gets a ‘little’ burnt. On its way to the trash, it usually gets intercepted by the men in the house and is lovingly referred to as Garbage Bread.Have an old Server? Is it a Garbage Server? Don’t throw it away just yet.

Healthcare information management

5 Risks Hospitals Face

Hospitals and the overall healthcare sector are experiencing a major digital evolution that is pushing them to change their traditional ways of information management. To close the gap with their needs and changing IT infrastructure agility, security, compliance, and performance, many organizations are probing for benefits of cloud. The traction of on-demand cloud services along with cloud security have swiftly changed the healthcare sector mindset from “why move to the cloud?” to “what and how should we move to cloud?”