Exchange Online

Exchange Online – Are You Ready?

Are you looking to implement a new email system or to migrate from an old version of Exchange to the most current? If so, you may want to look at implementing it in Exchange Online. Exchange online, not to be confused with Office 365, or Microsoft 365, would be the online version of Exchange hosted by Microsoft. Options are always good, and with Exchange Online you have a few. This path may not be the answer for all types of businesses, but it bears looking into.

Cloud Data

2 Ways to Speed Recovery from Cloud Data Loss

Despite organizations’ readiness to embrace cloud and awareness of the risks, too many are too slow to recover from data loss. For example, research from Everbridge finds that organizations take an average of 27 minutes to rally the right team of experts once they declare an incident, and those minutes add up quickly in direct costs to the business. With unplanned IT downtime costing $8,662 per minute on average, companies today are spending an average of $233,874 just to get the right team in place and begin recovery efforts.