Next Gen Firewalls

All firewalls are not created equal. To understand that, you need to know what the idea behind a basic firewall is. A firewall from the IT perspective is some hardware or software implementation that is meant to restrict incoming or outgoing network traffic. Most desktop operating systems as well as servers have some sort of firewall protection already built into the operating system. While these type of firewalls protect the machines they are running on, hardware firewalls/appliances will protect these machines as well as the rest of the hardware that exist on the network.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The 411 on VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI Brief

As the use of Hyper-Convergence technology spreads throughout the industry, desktop virtualization has followed in this lead because HCI is a great platform for execution. Three of the main VDI players at this time would be Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft. What is great about VDI, is that you are not necessarily tied to one specific vendor. For Example, your broker could be provided by Citrix, while the backend infrastructure could be provided by Microsoft, or VMWare. One thing to know about VDI is what it is not. It is not just the virtualization of desktops. It’s essentially a whole infrastructure based on supplying the desktop experience to the end user without necessarily having a desktop.

Exchange Online

Exchange Online – Are You Ready?

Are you looking to implement a new email system or to migrate from an old version of Exchange to the most current? If so, you may want to look at implementing it in Exchange Online. Exchange online, not to be confused with Office 365, or Microsoft 365, would be the online version of Exchange hosted by Microsoft. Options are always good, and with Exchange Online you have a few. This path may not be the answer for all types of businesses, but it bears looking into.


Garbage Hardware

We have a term in our household that when any item with the thought to be ‘done with’, and is on its way to the trash is prefixed with term ‘Garbage’. While it’s not the most elegant term, it has stuck with most items. One of the best examples is when Garlic Bread gets a ‘little’ burnt. On its way to the trash, it usually gets intercepted by the men in the house and is lovingly referred to as Garbage Bread.Have an old Server? Is it a Garbage Server? Don’t throw it away just yet.

Threat Detection

Machine Learning – Threat Detection Game Changer

In a past life I use to be part of a team that developed Video Games. Besides the storyboarding and coding that was part of the process, we also had to accommodate the idea that any user might try to ‘break’ the game in one way or another. We built in fail safes of all sorts to make sure that the game would always run as expected with a predicted outcome. Part of this process was to try and anticipate what type of nefarious action the player would make.

network infrastructure

Can your Network Infrastructure handle the next 5 years?

I remember when I drove my new, fast, car off of the dealer’s lot and although it feels like yesterday, it’s no longer new or fast. It continues to break down and doesn’t support my growing family. Just like how cars have an optimal life span, so does your network infrastructure. It may have been ‘State of the Art Technology’ at the time of installation, but will it be able to handle everything you throw at it now?