Don’t be an over-sharer: safety precautions to take when outsourcing to a developer

Outsourcing is popular more than ever now, especially taking into account the current conditions that contribute to everyone going remotely, its relatively low pricing and the high quality of external specialists’ work. As a result, many businesses seek remote developers. This practice entails many benefits and risks including the responsibility and security of your internal data. And that’s for a reason.

machine learning

What is Machine Learning and How Does It Benefit Cybersecurity?

The future of a wide variety of industries is being shaped by the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in technological processes that previously took massive amounts of manpower and attention to detail. The automation of these processes through AI techniques like Machine Learning is a big win for cybersecurity, where they can help catch and prevent all kinds of cyberattacks.


Finding the Right and Secured Video Platforms for your Business

It is really not an easy life for the internet based OTT services providers, be it for the pay TV cable operators or the new internet players. Users have become used to having all of their entertainment sources in all their devices all the time, from their e-books to digital music with no compromise in videos. In the meantime, there has been a rise in the expectations, from the entertainment studios, to get their content protected from any illegal use.

data centers

5 Assumptions on How Data Centers of the Future Will Probably Look Like

The changes around the data center are coming in fast and thick. This industry is one that has experienced serious and significant changes in even more recent times. The constant development means that as we go into the future, the evolution of the tasks and concepts of the data center can only continue. There are already many expectations of future data centers as we look ahead to the future with much keenness. The feeling amongst experts is that large data centers such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft will scale out their data centers with the mindset of supporting Information Technology (IT) workloads in many exciting ways.

data breach

Credible Strategies Your Business Can Use to Avoid a Data Breach

Hackers steal data from both large corporations and small businesses. If you look at news stories, you may think that hackers are out to get only the big companies that have an enormous amount of data. What most people don’t realize is that around 90% of data breaches affect small and medium-sized businesses. Without a good cybersecurity plan in place, your company can become a victim of an attack as well.


4 Ways to Advance Your Tech Without Sacrificing Security

Data and security are two of the most crucial topics of discussion regarding modern networks. As the internet grows in scope and complexity, it provides greater benefits to the way people interact and do business, but it also presents a greater number of variables that must be maintained in order to keep things running smoothly. Tech experts are becoming an indispensable part of the workforce at large, as well as within individual organizations for this very reason. Here’s what you need to know in order to create the stable and secure infrastructure your business needs in order to thrive in the digital age.