policy and procedure

Podcast: CISO Speak – Policy and Procedure

This months podcast features host Larry Bianculli speaking with guest CISO Jeff Jennings from Healthplex, as well as our very own Matthew Pascucci, cybersecurity practice manager, at CCSI, on policy and procedures. Where do you begin to write company policy and procedures? What are the best practices and how to ensure adaptation? Jeff Jennings and…

What is an MSSP?

This short blog should provide a sufficient answer to everyone who has heard the term MSSP, but never knew what the heck it was. In 2018, everything is constantly evolving. Whereas smaller companies historically housed all software on their own hardware housed in their own data center, with its own security and productivity tools: today…

edge computing

Edge Computing and the Future of IoT

As the Internet of Things (IoT) begins to take shape and its future becomes clearer, IT experts realize that mainstream cloud computing isn’t enough. It’s not fast enough to handle real-time data streaming applications, and it’s not efficient enough to meet evolving technological demands. But developers are exploring a possible solution in the form of…


Next Gen Firewalls

All firewalls are not created equal. To understand that, you need to know what the idea behind a basic firewall is. A firewall from the IT perspective is some hardware or software implementation that is meant to restrict incoming or outgoing network traffic. Most desktop operating systems as well as servers have some sort of firewall protection already built into the operating system. While these type of firewalls protect the machines they are running on, hardware firewalls/appliances will protect these machines as well as the rest of the hardware that exist on the network.