Equifax Breach

Equifax Breach: What Aspects Need To Be Consider?

When the news that Equifax had a data breach was first to come out, people initially thought that “This is very bad.” In the days since then, the news has not gotten much enhanced. The implications are fundamentally permanent. Since the breach affected 143 million Americans and thousands of Canadians more than half of all the adults who live in the respective countries. But what we need to assume that our most private data is no longer secure.


Take a Dynamic Approach to SDN Security

Virtualized networks and SDN (software-defined network) architectures are “the next big thing,” offering businesses new opportunities to grow and change. They bring together far-flung facilities in a single, secure network and let people from all locations communicate as if they were in the same building. SDNs also create big challenges to IT and cybersecurity teams. Instead of securing one physical data center, they must now secure an increasingly large, complex and distributed network in a virtual environment.