BSides Long Island

BSidesLI is an information security conference that’s completely volunteer operated and organized. 

BSidesLI conference will be Hosted at NYIT’s de Seversky Mansion with assistance from their Engineering & Entrepreneurship and Technology Innovation Center (ETIC) here on Long Island, but the core messages of BSides is to bring the local security community at large together.

BSides as a framework has created a global identity of community driven security individuals to build closer ties locally. Community is built when a group of likeminded people share similar attributes and are looking to expand their knowledge or strength by organizing with others of a shared affinity. This is what we’re aiming at by bringing a Bsides conference here to Long Island.

The BsidesLI conference is completely setup, maintained and managed by local volunteers within the community to bring our local security ties even closer and continue the collaboration well after the event.

CCSI is Diamond Sponsor this year. To learn more about attending, sponsoring, or volunteering visit:


Community Educational Events and Roundtables

CCSI participates in local Long Island organizations like BSides, IEEE, LISTnet, LILUG, HIA-LI, and WISP. Providing educational presentations and experts for panels.

Interested in a technology presentation on infrastructure, cloud, cybersecurity, or technology in general for your organization, please contact us

CCSI hosts quarterly roundtables for the Long Island community for CISO’s, Cloud executives, municipality technology directors, and school technology and security departments. Topics discussed are cybersecurity trends and prevention strategies, cloud migration and adoption, physical security advances and crisis management tips, and optimizing costs.

Would you like to attend or sponsor a roundtable? Please contact us for more information. 

Non-Profit Community Involvement

CCSI understands the importance of our local communities and groups. This is why CCSI tries to give back to our local organizations like Haven House/BridgesHuntington Hospital, ISF Kids, Island Harvest, and PALs.

CCSI provides more than just monetary donations, but also participates in Halloween costume drives, Food Drives, donating cabling and networking for new facilities, and free IT consultation and recommendations.